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NYC Whirlwind


Spent the weekend in NYC – visiting with friends and making new ones. Everything about the trip was amazing. It was so relaxing to let go of reality for awhile and go with the flow. Allowing the girls to take me by the hand and show me some adventure was just what the doctor ordered. I’m always planning and organizing and picking up dropped balls, so letting the guard down and just doing things for the sake of adventure without any expectations was beyond refreshing and eye-opening.

Finally meeting Cindy, Julia, and Aimee after 5 years of communicating as pen pals with some virtual correspondence was a dream, and getting to spend some quality time with Jen after her visit to STL in the winter was the cherry on top. Each of these girls are fearless, artistic, passionate about life, and above all inspiring women. I wish we lived geographically closer, but it does make for a nice getaway.

I need change in my life. This much I know. As far as how to do that, I think I need to apply the “let go” philosophy from the NYC trip and see where life takes me.

Thank you for the weekend girls. Hugs to you all!

{I don’t get personal in this space often- I felt like it just needed to happen}

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  • jen - painted fish studio : love this post! xo 11:34 am on May 22, 2013
  • cindy k : so glad we were able to meet in person and allow you some time to free your mind in the big city. i don't ever think of myself as fearless, but now that you say that, maybe just a little bit. until next time. xo, c 11:34 am on May 22, 2013
  • Julia : Wasn't it amazing? Freakin' awesome! I loved finally being able to meet you and go exploring together! Come see me soon! XOXO 11:34 am on May 22, 2013